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Defensive Driving & Accident Prevention Course

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NY drivers can get a reduction in their auto insurance premium by completing a qualifying course. This course is nicknamed the “Accident Prevention Course” or the “Defensive Driving Class”. It's a six-hour class that reviews safety precautions drivers should take to have an added measure of safety while behind the wheel.

From the date you complete the course, and for three years, you will save ten percent on the liability, personal injury protection (no-fault), and collision premiums. You can get credit for the primary vehicle driven by each person completing the course (once per vehicle, once per driver).

Many people prefer the convenience of taking the course online. You can use this link http://www.myimprov.com/?a_aid=AID133843 (opens in a new tab) to enroll in an online course. The course can also be taken in a classroom – either all in one day, or split over two or more days. Contact your public library or chamber of commerce for more information about where this class is held in your area.

When you finish the course you will receive a certificate of course completion. Provide a copy of this certificate to us in order to get the insurance discount added to your policies. Enjoy the savings for three years. You may participate in the program as often as you like (if you do it sooner than the three year expiration date, it will push out the expiration of your discount to three years from the date you last completed the course). If you have multiple vehicles on your policy, each principal driver can take the course to make sure that you maximize the discounts. In addition to the savings on your premium, you can also avoid dangerous situations and activities by following the safety guidelines that are taught in the course.

Start the Online Course Now → (opens in a new tab)

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