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Communicating Following a Disaster

Many New Yorkers cite a love for the change in seasons - the rebirth and renewal of spring, the comfortable summers, breathtakingly beautiful autumns, and some of us even enjoy winter a little, too. Even though we don't have the constant threat of weather-related disaster like some parts of the country, we still need to be prepared for a disaster. That disaster could come in a variety of forms, and we may lose access to power or communications channels could be overburdened by an increase in call volume. Preparation for such an event can bring safety and comfort to our family and loved ones.


  • Store a list of emergency contacts in your mobile phone - both emergency personnel (fire, ambulance, poison control, etc.) as well as family members to contact in an emergency (especially helpful for others to contact someone for you if you are not able to use your phone).
  • Put a cell phone charger in your car. You may be able to use your vehicle's engine to stay connected in a power outage. Keep a few gallons of gas on hand, too.
  • If your home phone service is an analog connection (not digital), keep a non-cordless phone somewhere in your home. This should still work in a power outage.

In a disaster situation

  • Keep phone calls brief to allow others use of the telephone networks.
  • Save cell phone battery by lowering the screen brightness, turning off apps or services that draw power, or power off completely and power on again to make a call.
  • Tune into a local radio station for news alerts. You should consider keeping extra batteries on hand to power your radio in case of a power outage, or perhaps purchase an emergency radio to keep on hand. You can also use the radio in your car.

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