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Help with Paying for College

"It is the little things upon which life turns that make the big difference in our lives...
There can be no doubt, none whatever, that education pays. Do not short-circuit your lives. If you do so, you will pay for it over and over and over again."
-Gordon B Hinckley

Education is important. Everyone should aim to be a lifelong learner.

We have partnered with College Assistance Plus (opens in a new tab) to hold educational meetings to help our friends and clients to be financially well-prepared for higher education. They offer many services:

Preparing for College

There is a lot that can and should be done when preparing for higher education, including:

  • Selecting a Career Path
  • Choosing a Major
  • Standardized Testing - SAT/ACT
  • Picking a College or University
  • Interviewing
  • Writing Essays
  • Applying for Merit- and Needs-based Financial Aid

Throughout College

Life changes can trigger a need to re-evaluate and change direction. Family circumstances or health can change in a heartbeat and can make it difficult to continue on an intended path. Reach out for help or to get your questions answered. College Assistance Plus can help with ongoing financial decisions with paying for college.

After College

Technology has enabled College Assistance Plus to offer help to graduates who want to make the most of their career path.

Find out more by visiting https://www.collegeassistanceplus.com/ (opens in a new tab).

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