Emergency Contacts and Claims

In a true emergency, please contact 911 before contacting your insurance agent or company.

Direct claim reporting is available for many insurance companies. See below. If your company is not listed, you must first report your claim to our office. You can call our office during normal business hours and our staff will assist you in the claims process. Most companies will require you to provide a statement to a claims specialist.

Telephone is the quickest way to get in touch with us. During business hours, we can be reached at 585-657-6101. Our after hours emergency number is 585-678-1768. It contains a voice mail service which will alert the on-call staff member who will respond to your emergency as quickly as he or she can.

A Central
(866) 222-2242
(877) 248-0555
(800) 347-4711
(888) 223-3649
(800) 588-7400
Erie & Niagara
(800) 234-9876
Farm Family
(800) 948-3276
Main Street America Group
(877) 425-2467
National General
(800) 468-3466
New York Central Mutual
(800) 234-6926
Preferred Mutual
(800) 333-7642
(800) 776-4737
(866) 455-9969
The Hartford
(800) 327-3636
(800) 252-4633
Wayne Cooperative
(800) 724-1648