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There are multiple ways that we can help you get a quote on an insurance policy or plan.

Get an appointment with one of us by clicking the name of the person you would like to connect with:

Joel Steele Mathieu Steele

Face to Face Appointment

We prefer to meet each client in a face-to-face meeting. We have found that we can help a person better and the process goes most quickly and efficiently when we meet in person.

Telephone Appointment

If your circumstances don't allow for an in-person meeting, It's best to schedule a telephone appointment to ensure that you will have the undivided attention of the agent you are working with.

Walk Ins

We do our best to help walk-ins with a minimal wait time, however, because we respect your time and don't want to keep you waiting. It's best to call ahead or schedule an appointment. If this is not possible, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Joel Steele Mathieu Steele